• Andarine S4 (30 ml x 50 mg)

Andarine S4 (30 ml x 50 mg)

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Andarine is a special substance, discovered for the first time by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Kaken Pharmaceuticals, while they were trying to create a formula for treating osteoporosis. The full scientific name of Andarine is S-40503. Researches are still ongoing and this substance is yet not recommended for human use.

How Does Andarine Work

Andarine works by binding itself with androgen receptors, located in the bones and muscles. This substance is very effective for promoting weight loss, thanks to its strong androgenic effect.

The fat burning process begins when hormone with androgenic properties bind with the androgen receptors in the fat tissues. Andarine has selective action, which means that it does not cause any harm to other internal organs. It actually can strengthen and improve general health of bones. When taken in low doses, this substance contributes to muscle development.

Possible Benefits of Andarine

Andarine is not a steroid because its anabolic effect is much weaker. Some of Andarine’s benefits are:
-          Stimulates fat-burning processes
-          Contributes to muscle increase
-          Provides you with energy and endurance